New Mexico Joins Push to Go Green

The Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Grisham, signed a ground breaking bill into effect called the Energy Transition Act (ETA) last Friday. The bill mainly states that the State should be supplying 100% of its electricity to residents through renewables by 2045. It pushes for 50% by 2030, 80% by 2040, and 100% by 2045. New Mexico is the third state to create a law that strives for a fully renewable energy grid behind California and Hawaii. Rob Sargent, senior director of Environment America’s Clean Energy program, said that by passing the ETA, New Mexico is “Setting a prime example for how states can take the mantle of leadership. As sea levels and global temperatures rise higher and higher, so does Americans’ desire to address climate change as quickly as possible. Given inaction at the federal level, states are primed to lead the transition from fossil fuels to 100 percent renewable energy."