ALLY has installed over 700 roof top solar systems. 

Breathe easy knowing your solar panel system is in the very skilled hands of our experienced crew. QUALITY INSTALLATION.

No hassle, no worries. 

A Solar panel installation built for your energy efficient needs.

The ALLY Solar installation package means:

  • Analysis of your energy requirements

  • A study of the best energy production design

  • Application of any available financial incentives: Federal Tax credit, State and Local rebates

  • Paperwork, we got it all covered!

  • Experienced Solar Design and Installation

Let's set up a Solar Consultation!

Our clients trust us for our professional and personal level of service. We have the latest products, financial incentives, and will handle all the necessary paperwork.  ALLY will design and install the best, most efficient solar system that fits your specific needs. 

Why Go Solar?

Why pay for energy when you can generate it for yourself?

* General estimate for single family home

* General estimate for single family home

• SAVE MONEY on your electric bill

• INCREASE RESALE value of your property

• Lock in LOW COSTS for years

• DECREASE your carbon footprint

Ready to talk solar with us? Let's show you the savings!

Gather your annual energy usage from your PG&E bill.

How do I send you my energy bill? 

  1.  Go to:
  2. Set up account if you don't have one already or Log in if you do
  3. Click on the top "My Usage" tab (this brings up a graph showing your energy usage)
  4. Click on the green "Download My Data" button located at the bottom right of page.
  5. Select Export as .csv file
  6. Save file to your computer.
  7. Email your energy usage .csv file to us here.

Don't forget to include: your name, contact info, address and best time(s) to reach you!