Grow your savings with solar!


Protection from rising energy bills

PG&E rates will increase 9-12% per year over the next 10 years. Solar panels can cover up to 100% of your home and electric vehicle needs. 

Monthly Electricity Bill Savings


Benecia, Califiornia. 18 SunPower 345W panels, 
9,649 kWh; 6.210kW DC Power(STC); 
$4.71/Watt DC Power(STC)

18 panel SunPower system produces 100% of energy usage in the summertime for both the house and Nissan Leaf car!

Easy at home charging!

Choose the lowest cost time to charge your electric vehicle and make PG&E Time-of-Use work for you! Peak times for energy use can be times are the best hours to charge your vehicle and reduce costs.