Preventative Maintenance Programs

Don’t let a faulty circuit breaker destroy your home.

Federal Pacific (FPE) circuit breakers have proven to pose a real fire risk.

  • Circuit breaker failure can cause fires.

  • Faulty circuit breakers can prove costly.

  • Your insurance rates be raised or denied.

  • Faulty FPE Circuit Breakers are common in homes built prior to 1990.

  • They are manufactured to less stringent codes and standards than modern equipment.

  • Problems are unique to the design of FPE stablock breakers.

  • They are no longer sold or UL listed because of fire risk.

Why have an Electrical Prevention Maintenance plan?

A neglected electrical system can pose a variety of electrical hazards like undetected aging electrical components, poor electrical wiring, and faulty circuit breakers. The risks range from destruction of home electrical appliances to severe property damage and electrical fires, which result in costly damage to your home and putting you and your family in harm’s way.

How can ALLY Electric and Solar help with an electrical preventative plan?

ALLY Electric and Solar offers an array of choices, which includes scheduled electrical-system visits. Take the worry out by having our professionals provide expert, hassle-free maintenance of your electrical system. Our scheduled maintenance visits occur every 6-month during the contract.