Mary Frances and Hoe Poh from Benicia, CA talked to us about how much savings they are getting from their 18 panel SunPower system. 100% energy coverage in summertime for house and electric car!

Details: 18 panels, 9,649 kWh; 6.210 kW DC Power (STC)

Watch their video solar testimonial, on our YouTube channel here:


"We highly recommend the professionals at Ally Electric & Solar Inc. for solar or energy saving needs.  Their team is very respectful, affordable and as a veteran and current Air National Guard member they catered to the needs of my family while I was away performing duties overseas.  If you are looking to save money on your electric bill by purchasing solar or energy saving equipment, our family says Ally will be your best bet! -

Jason in Brentwood, CA)"


March 14, 2016

Ally Electric & Solar installed solar panels on our Berkeley home last year, and they are working well. Ally was recommended by our Berkeley architect. The Ally installer had worked for a large solar company and said that Ally was more careful about the placement of the solar panels. Ally was also able to do the necessary upgrade for our electric panel. Ally handled all the paperwork with the City of Berkeley. Ally has been available to answer follow-up questions about the readings I receive, but I have not followed the production of electricity closely. I know that the panels are producing enough energy to cover our electricity costs for the year: PG&E does a "true-up" (called "net energy metering") at the end of the year after the solar panel installation and the PG&E monthly billings show that we are ahead. Note that our electricity costs are not zero because PG&E gets a monthly fee allowed by the California Public Utilities Commission.  This fee applies to all solar panels.

DC, Berkeley


We have been using Ally since 2013, when they did a major re-wiring and lighting installation project for our house. We liked everyone, from the owners (Metin and Haluk) to the electricians' assistants, and we were very impressed by the care and quality of the work they did.  since then, we have had Ally install an electric car charger and, most recently, a stand-by generator that comes on automatically and provides electricity to our entire house, using natural gas, during power outages.  (It proved itself during a recent El Nino storm and was a great relief, since we rely on an electric sump pump to keep our basement workroom from flooding.)  Once again, Ally's work was excellent.  Metin was directly involved in every step of the process, including getting the necessary permit from the city, which had no experience with such generators, and making sure that every connection (and there were many) was made correctly.  He went far beyond what we expected.  We unhesitatingly recommend Ally Electric and Solar.

Ann, Albany, CA


I have used Ally twice in the last 2 years.  The first time, I needed to have my existing solar panels moved to a different place on my roof, and they came up with a great plan to mount racks on my garage and move all 36 panels there.  This worked out very well - the plan also included replacing my ancient inverters with a brand new one. 

This year, with the purchase of an electric car, I wanted to add some more panels to increase my generation capacity, and they once again came through - they put 10 more 280W panels on the roof, and installed micro inverters to be able to monitor each panel. I called several places, and they were the only ones who were willing to modify an existing solar setup.

In each case they were professional, showed up on time, cleaned up and did excellent work, which was reflected in the quick and painless passing of the inspection, for which they were present. 

I would recommend them to anyone, especially if you have a solar project that is not your standard installation.

Robert, Oakland, Ca



Thank you for thinking of us...I do keep a daily log of the KWH created each day, as well as the weather on that day. Interesting. I didn't realize that (winter) temperatures effected solar so minimally! Also interesting is the angle of the sun and how much electricity I am still creating. Initially, I began collecting this info just to get an accurate idea, an ability to predict, the capability of Ally's solar system to collect the 72% (of our average monthly usage) which we discussed at the time of installation.

If you recall, Ally installed two additional supports, for two 'future' solar panels. As you know our panels were installed on Sept 14th, so we are about 3 1/2 months into this experiment... and I think Ally's system is doing remarkably well. As of today, your panels have generated 1,487.8KWH. Interesting just how dramatic the daily (reading) rise or fall is in response to sun, fog, or clouds.

M wife and I are thrilled with our Solar panels and the work that you and your company completed for us! The craftsmanship of the work, the personalities of your staff, and the Ally's anxiousness to complete the work on schedule and beyond code was gratifying. I thank you wholeheartedly for your workmanship as well as the 'up- front' business­like approach Ally brings to the task. Like any job, anywhere, there will always be a few minor 'bumps' along the way, which, to your credit, we did work through. I thank you for your conscientiousness, your dedication, and your work ethic. It was our pleasure to have worked with you and Ally. I chose wisely!

Thank you again Metin, I look forward to speaking with you again in the near future.

Incidentally, I did have one potential new customer for Ally call, and "yes" I did extend a very positive recommendation! I believe this was for some home electrical work.



The craftsmanship of the work, the personalities of your staff, and the Ally's anxiousness to complete the work on schedule and beyond code was gratifying. I thank you wholeheartedly for your workmanship as well as the 'up-front' business-like approach Ally brings to the task.  Like any job, anywhere, there will always be a few minor 'bumps' along the way, which, to your credit, did work through . I thank you for your conscientiousness, your dedication, and your work ethic.  It was our pleasure to have worked with you and Ally.  I chose wisely!


I did have  a very good experience with all the folks who worked on my solar installation project. Ally folks were pleasant and friendly and quick to explain things and answer any questions I posed.The men werecourteous and were helpful in explaining how and what it was they were doing. I learned a lot from them. The men were careful when they had to move things and always let me know what their progress was each day they were here.

It was also a nice surprise that they made sure everything was absolutely cleaned up  at the end of each day--area swept, things replaced (waste cans, etc)

 When all was completed, I had a "tutorial session" on how to read the monitoring system. All in all, the project was done well and in good time.

I couldn't be happier! I am off the grid and am part of the "going green" movement. Hurray! Feel free to share my experience in your marketing material.

 As for my professional status, I am a retired pastor. I served as pastor in 2 congregations.  I was then appointed as Assistant to the Bishop of our judicatory--the Sierra Pacific Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.Our territory is northern California, with some 200 congregations. I servedthree successive bishops for over 20 years in that position. My portfolio included conflict consultation, working with candidates for ordination, and liaison with our seminary in Berkeley. And, whatever else the bishop assigned to me!   

 These days, I sing in the choir in the congregation where I am a member, work occasionally in the church garden and any project thatcan use some assistance. Our congregation, Resurrection Lutheran Church in Oakland, is multicultural and active in the wider Oakland community. Nearly half of our congregation come from Tanzania, which is wonderful!    

I share my home and life with 3 lovely kitties(Clancy, Angel and Rollie) and a sweet (second chance) older dog from the Oakland SPCA--Shelby, a Maltese/Terrier mix. They keep my life interesting and busy!


Rev.  F. Noreen Meginness


Jan 14, 2014


Ally has been great to us from the initial meeting with the owners sales representatives whofully explained the advantages of solar for our home along with the incentives from both the federal and local government.

The price was fair and in line or less with other solar companies. However, in my opinion, the service and carry through by Ally certainly put in in a class by itself.

 We received all the government incentives, and what has beenbeen a real surprise, is that we will pay off the solar system with our energy savingssix month from now, or two and a half years from the installation of our system. Our energy bills, prior to our solar installation system was averaging over $350 amonth, and presently, we now are receiving ayearly credit. The first year, when PG&Ewas our energy, we   received a rebate of $230 . However, now that our city, Richmond, has switched to Marin Energy,  we shall expect a rebate of over $500 at the end of September.

 We haven't had aenergy invoice since Ally installed our system on top of that also receive a rebate, who can beat that? Ally also have always been easy to reach, very friendly and professional and have done our first year cleaning right on the date that our first year anniversary was attained.


 My wife, Bette, and I have no reservations regarding Ally and recommend the company for any household, seeking a solar system.

WT a resident of Pt Richmond for eighteen years.


We are very pleased with the work done by Ally Electric and Solar on a large home in Tiburon.  The people we worked with were professional and the quality of work is excellent.  We would not hesitate to recommend Ally Electric to other customers.  

 PS Tiburon, CA


We are very happy. Our bills are appreciably lower, and I was very happy with the entire process.  

Thank you.

Michael, Oaklan, CA