Do I need batteries? 

If you are Grid-Tied no, If you are off-Grid then a battery is needed. Contact us for details. 

How old can my roof be to go solar?

Up until 2 years of roof life expectancy. If your roof has a life expectancy of less than 2 years, check with your roofer.

How does solar work?

- Solar Energy from the solar panel is converted via an inverter turning DC energy into useable AC energy for the home.

What’s a solar lease or solar PPA? 

- A lease is a fixed monthly payment option. A PPA is a monthly bill based on energy production of the system. Contact us for more details. 

Do you provide any type of financing?

- Yes! Lease and Loans are available. Contact us for more details

What happens when its cloudy or raining at night? 

- Optimal solar time is 9am - 4pm from a grid-tied system. Solar panels still take in energy in low light. 

How long does it take to install solar on my home?

Installation takes 2-5 days on average. Paperwork can take a few days longer depending on location. 

What rebates and incentives are available?

- Fed Tax Credit of 30% until 2016, We keep up with all the latest incentives, rebates. Contact us for more detail. 

What happens to my unused energy?

- In a Grid-tied system you are always connected to utility grid. During daytime hours the meter spins back and you receive credit from utility grid. At night time, you pull from your energy credit to power your home.

What’s an SREC? 

- Solar Renewable Energy Certificates: It is a form of Renewable Energy Certificate or "Green tag". SRECs represent the environmental attributes from a solar facility. In order for a solar facility to be credited with that SREC, the system must be certified and registered.

Solar Energy: Capturing the Power of The Sun for Electricity