New York Governor Presents Progressive Green Building Competition

Governor Andrew Cuomo created this “Buildings of Excellence” competition and it will have three rounds of providing $10 million with up to $1 million per project. The initiative aims to advance the design, construction, and operation of green buildings in the state. This is mainly a pilot to show how advanced green building design can be adopted into the New York State Energy Conservation and Construction Code. Governor Cuomo said, "The time for addressing climate change is now, and today we are doubling down on our commitment to lead the way with a revolutionary path toward carbon-free buildings. The development of low- to zero-carbon buildings will create healthier living spaces and communities for all New Yorkers, while driving down harmful emissions from one of our highest contributing sectors - our building stock - and pushing us forward on our path to carbon neutrality." With New Yorkers paying around $35 billion annually on electricity and heating this initiative will strive to reduce consumer energy bills while at the same time creating a healthier and more affordable New York.