Preventative Maintenance Programs: Commercial

Why do you need an electrical prevention maintenance plan?

A neglected electrical system can pose a variety of electrical hazards like undetected aging electrical components, poor electrical wiring, and faulty circuit breakers. The risks range from destruction of commercial electrical devices to severe property damage and electrical fires, which result in costly damage to your commercial space and putting you and your workers in harm’s way.

How can ALLY Electric and Solar help with an electrical preventative plan?

ALLY Electric and Solar offers an array of choices, which includes scheduled electrical-system visits. Take the worry out by having our professionals provide expert, hassle-free maintenance of your electrical system. Our scheduled maintenance visits occur every 3-month during the contract.

Commercial Packages: 

Package 1: Annual Pre-Paid Cost $349.00 

One of the leading causes of service failure are loose terminations caused by vibrations and use. An annual inspection and 7-point check of your incoming electric service to and including your circuit breaker panel can help prevent this as follows: (based on a single panel service, customized programs are available upon request)

Emergency calls are $245 for the first hour plus travel charges. After the first hour, rate for the 2nd-4th hours are $125/hr., after 4 hours rate is $95/hr.

  • Inspect weather-head and incoming service entrance 
  • Inspect for proper tight termination at ground rod 
  • Inspect for proper tight termination at water main ground 
  • Inspect for proper tight termination at all circuit breaker branch wire terminations 
  • Inspect for proper tight termination at all neutral and ground wire terminations 
  • Inspect for proper tight termination at main breaker wire termination 
  • Apply deoxidizer agent to main breaker and neutral wire termination

Package 2: Annual Pre-Paid Cost $469.00

Same as Package 1 plus the following services:

  • Waive 3 dispatch fees (troubleshooting) for any service call entire year.
  • Service call fees range from $199.00 to $299.00 depending on time of day. Just two calls will pay for this extended program.

Package 3: Annual Pre-Paid Cost $599.00

Same as Package 1 & 2 plus the following services:

  • Lock in at our regular service rate of $195 for first hour and $95 for each additional hour and not pay same day of after hours rates.  

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