PG&E Offering $800 Electric Vehicle Rebate

Right now you can receive an $800 rebate from PG&E under the right circumstances for having an electric vehicle. As long as you’re an active client of PG&E, own or lease an eligible plug-in electric vehicle, and have your car’s registration up to date you are eligible for this rebate. However, PG&E does say funds are limited and it’s first come serve so it’s hard to say how long this will last. Also, you can only get one rebate per car in its lifetime so you may wanna save it for another time if you’re not strapped for cash right now. This rebate comes from a State of California program called the Low Carbon Fuel Standard. The goal of this program is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation by encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles. Clean electricity used to fuel electric vehicles has helped reduce green house gas emissions by 66 percent so far in California!

Solar and Wind Production Surpasses All other Energy Sources this January

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) just released data that shows new solar and wind generation created for the first month of this year was more than any other energy source including natural gas. FERC’s Data also shows that all combined renewables (i.e., solar, wind, hydro power, geothermal, biomass) now produces 21% of the total US generating capacity. That’s up from 16% five years ago so it’s going up about a percentage point every year. Total renewable generation capacity is at 254 GW and looks to surpass the total generation by coal in the US as well which is at 264 GW by the end of this year. This is all very exciting news for the energy revolution as all signs are pointing green!

US Solar Market Staying Strong

For the third year in a row the US solar industry installed over 10GW of solar capacity in residential, commercial, and utility companies combined. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) President and CEO Abby Hopper said, “The total amount of solar installed in America is on track to more than double in the next five years, proving solar’s resiliency and its economic strength. It’s clear, this next decade is going to be one of significant growth.” Residential solar has seen growth is in the last five years and did great in 2018 with almost 315,000 homes adding a solar system. Total US solar capacity now stands at 62.4 GWdc, about 75 times more than was installed at the end of 2008!