Do you know...about solar panel efficiency?

Solar energy is the new rage! Protect the environment! Big Utility is raising your rates...AGAIN!

But...Do you know what it means when you hear that solar panels produce electricity? Where you may hear from some sales people, "Solar can ZERO out your electricity bill!" It is not an typical result and some customers may not be well informed about the way their PV systems truly work. Some owners take the liberties from having a solar system and think they can use all the electricity they want - risking increased utility bills and lower solar savings!

First, each PV (photovoltaic) module can produce only a limited amount of power, this amount is generally referred to as "Efficiency Rates". Most panels generate anywhere from 16% - 20% of energy, which is why all systems have multiple panels installed. More panels, more energy production. If you use more kilowatts than your system generates, your utility company bills you.

Second, you may receive a Net Energy Metering bill from your utility company at the end of a 12-month period where you are asked to pay for the net amount of electricity used over-and-above the amount of electricity generated by your solar system. Likewise, if you generated more energy than you used over that period, it could fall under your Net Surplus Compensation and you may be eligible to receive a payment. (Each utility company and solar plan is different)

So while you are impressed by the flashy long term savings and environmental impact of solar systems....TAKE NOTE of your monthly kilowatt usage from your PG&E bill and ask your sales consultant what your PV system's monthly average kilowatt production is estimated to be. See the savings sooner and be proactive about your energy consumption by installing the best solar system to fit your needs. 

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San Jose, Ca is #4 in the US for Solar Installations!!

The report, "Shining Cities: At the Forefront of America's Solar Energy Revolution," has recognized the top cities in the US for solar power!  San Jose is in the top five at #4! San Francisco came in at #9! Clean energy is growing in the Bay Area!! Read more about it this report in, HuffPost.

With climate change becoming an ever looming danger, we hope more cities move towards renewable energy sources like solar. San Jose not only has a lot of its rooftops covered in solar panels but some of their government buildings have solar systems, too!  We are proud to have been a part of this solar win.....ALLY has installed solar systems on San Jose rooftops for years!

Congratulations, San Jose!



The Obama administration's new $15 million program is poised to help state and local governments build solar panels and other infrastructure in the struggle against climate change.

Large solar plants account for 1% of of the electricity generation for the nation. This program hopes to push companies and state organizations to adapt more solar renewable energy projects. 

Read more about the push for solar energy, here