Hurray! Our Pres. Metin Saglam is BPI Certified!

BPI (Building Performance Institute) is an organization spanning all 50 states. Individuals with BPI’s certification are experienced in the standards used for house-as-a-system approach to improving the performance of existing homes – an approach proven to reduce home owner annual utility bills by as much as 20% or more.

ALLY's president, Metin Saglam is now a BPI Certified Professional! BPI certified professionals can help you improve your home's energy efficiency while providing important safety functions such as mold prevention, carbon monoxide testing, and combustion appliance safety checks. They an also help prepare your home for solar, geothermal, or other types of energy upgrades. 

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Bay Area Electric Vehicles - Top Reasons We Buy

The California Center for Sustainable Energy collected data on their Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) applicants who purchased their vehicle between September 2012 and April 2014. One of the areas they highlighted in this study are the driving factors for choosing to buy an electric vehicle. In the Bay Area, just over 3,000 people were asked and the top reason was savings on fuel costs. With gas prices shooting higher every day this is not a surprise. Other top reasons included; reducing environmental impact and HOV lane access. 

Another important driving factor for Bay Area drivers was the Federal Tax incentive and the CA State Rebate granted to electric vehicle buyers. 40% of buyers noted that these programs allowed them to choose to go electric. Read more about the study, here.

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Do you know...about solar panel efficiency?

Solar energy is the new rage! Protect the environment! Big Utility is raising your rates...AGAIN!

But...Do you know what it means when you hear that solar panels produce electricity? Where you may hear from some sales people, "Solar can ZERO out your electricity bill!" It is not an typical result and some customers may not be well informed about the way their PV systems truly work. Some owners take the liberties from having a solar system and think they can use all the electricity they want - risking increased utility bills and lower solar savings!

First, each PV (photovoltaic) module can produce only a limited amount of power, this amount is generally referred to as "Efficiency Rates". Most panels generate anywhere from 16% - 20% of energy, which is why all systems have multiple panels installed. More panels, more energy production. If you use more kilowatts than your system generates, your utility company bills you.

Second, you may receive a Net Energy Metering bill from your utility company at the end of a 12-month period where you are asked to pay for the net amount of electricity used over-and-above the amount of electricity generated by your solar system. Likewise, if you generated more energy than you used over that period, it could fall under your Net Surplus Compensation and you may be eligible to receive a payment. (Each utility company and solar plan is different)

So while you are impressed by the flashy long term savings and environmental impact of solar systems....TAKE NOTE of your monthly kilowatt usage from your PG&E bill and ask your sales consultant what your PV system's monthly average kilowatt production is estimated to be. See the savings sooner and be proactive about your energy consumption by installing the best solar system to fit your needs. 

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