Electric Vehicle Rebates!

Are you looking to buy an Electric Vehicle? CA is offering a rebate! Check out the new program funded by the California Air Resources Board. It promotes the production and use of zero-emission vehicles, including electric, plug-in hybrid electric and fuel cell vehicles.

ALLY offers home EV charging station installations so give us a call! Combining solar panels and EV charging at your home can greatly decrease (even by 100%) your electricity bills!

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The Obama administration's new $15 million program is poised to help state and local governments build solar panels and other infrastructure in the struggle against climate change.

Large solar plants account for 1% of of the electricity generation for the nation. This program hopes to push companies and state organizations to adapt more solar renewable energy projects. 

Read more about the push for solar energy, here

Another happy Solar savings story!

This happy Bay area Solar client went from a $350 energy bill to receiving a yearly credit when he went Solar!

Jan 6, 2014


Thank you for thinking of us... I had intended, as promised, to write you much earlier.

I do keep a daily log of the KWH created each day, as well as the weather on that day.  Interesting.  I didn't realize that (winter) temperatures effected solar so minimally!  Also interesting is the angle of the sun and how much electricity I am still creating.  Initially, I began collecting this info just to get an accurate idea, an ability to predict, the capability of Ally's solar system to collect the 72% (of our average monthly usage) which we discussed at the time of installation.  If you recall, Ally installed two additional supports, for two 'future' solar panels. As you know our panels were installed on Sept 14th, so we are about 3 1/2 months into this experiment... and I think Ally's system is doing remarkably well. As of today, your panels have generated 1,487.8KWH. Interesting just how dramatic the daily (reading) rise or fall is in response to sun, fog, or clouds.

In response to your real question, my wife and I are thrilled with our Solar panels and the work that you and your company completed for us!

The craftsmanship of the work, the personalities of your staff, and the Ally's anxiousness to complete the work on schedule and beyond code was gratifying. I thank you wholeheartedly for your workmanship as well as the 'up-front' business-like approach Ally brings to the task.  Like any job, anywhere, there will always be a few minor 'bumps' along the way, which, to your credit, did work through . I thank you for your conscientiousness, your dedication, and your work ethic.  It was our pleasure to have worked with you and Ally.  I chose wisely!


Thank you again Metin, I look forward to speaking with you again in the near future.

Incidentally, I did have one potential new customer for Ally call, and "yes" I did extend a very positive recommendation!  I believe this was for some home electrical work. Hope it helped.    

  Louis Q. | Berkeley, CA


101 EV Chargers Installed and Counting!

101 EV Chargers Installed and Counting! 

Spanning the entire SF bay area, from SF to Fremont, Santa Rosa, Mill Valley we are installing chargers for home and businesses!

We handle permits, paperwork, any necessary MSP upgrades for Residential and Commercial properties! Read more here >

Already have an EV charger installed? Did you know Solar can reduce your energy bill up to 100%? Read about the top reasons to go Solar here! 

You could be sleeping with a fire hazard.

When was the last time you had a professional check your electrical system?  

One of the leading causes of house fires and unexpected personal injury and property damage and costly repairs to your home is a faulty electrical system.

ALLY Electric and Solar offers an array of preventative maintenance packages.

• Scheduled electrical-system visits

• Hassle-free maintenance of your electrical system

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