Everything You need to Know About Solar Panel Warranties

There’s a lot to know about all the different solar panel warranties and I will break it down as simply as I can here. Make sure your system is being installed by a Certified Solar Installer so there’s a 10 year workmanship warranty. This warranty covers your roof and any issues connected to the the solar installation such as leaks and any damage connected to leaks where the roof was penetrated to attach the racking. Also it makes sure the install was done up to code. Next up is the product warranty which is usually at least 10 years and covers your panels, inverters, batteries, etc. However, If there is an issue with any product you’ll usually know within ten days due to being able to monitor your system in real time. The manufacturers warranty will not cover any damage from a baseball or golf ball so if you have any chance of getting hit you may want to look into home owners insurance covering that. The 25 year performance warranty is standard which covers that the panels will produce at least 95% of the kilowatt-hours that was agreed upon. Well that wraps up all the warranty info you need to know and feel free to email me at Office@AllyElectricandSolar.com if you have any questions!