Battery Storage a Game Changer in Energy Revolution

Lower costs of solar systems are helping the green energy revolution push forward but it’s the battery storage technology that’s really taking the movement to another level. Utility companies far and wide big and small see the potential of renewable energy suppliers with a quality battery storage system. Energy storage technology is really where a big paradigm shift can occur. Arizona plans to have 450 MW of battery storage available by 2021 and a additional 400 MW by 2025 so they can use stored solar energy for high demand times in the evening. These projects are also allowed to use the 30% federal tax incentive so there’s a high upside.

Renewable energy resources, boosted by robust battery deployments, will most likely become the primary source of generation of electricity in the United States over the next 10 years. Reluctance appears to be giving way as proactive and innovative solutions are brought to the market. More and more utilities are placing solar and storage on their near-term and long-term road maps!