Thank you for thinking of us...I do keep a daily log of the KWH created each day, as well as the weather on that day. Interesting. I didn't realize that (winter) temperatures effected solar so minimally! Also interesting is the angle of the sun and how much electricity I am still creating. Initially, I began collecting this info just to get an accurate idea, an ability to predict, the capability of Ally's solar system to collect the 72% (of our average monthly usage) which we discussed at the time of installation.

If you recall, Ally installed two additional supports, for two 'future' solar panels. As you know our panels were installed on Sept 14th, so we are about 3 1/2 months into this experiment... and I think Ally's system is doing remarkably well. As of today, your panels have generated 1,487.8KWH. Interesting just how dramatic the daily (reading) rise or fall is in response to sun, fog, or clouds.

Jean (my wife) and I are thrilled with our Solar panels and the work that you and your company completed for us! The craftsmanship of the work, the personalities of your staff, and the Ally's anxiousness to complete the work on schedule and beyond code was gratifying. I thank you wholeheartedly for your workmanship as well as the 'up- front' business­like approach Ally brings to the task. Like any job, anywhere, there will always be a few minor 'bumps' along the way, which, to your credit, we did work through. I thank you for your conscientiousness, your dedication, and your work ethic. It was our pleasure to have worked with you and Ally. I chose wisely!

Thank you again Metin, I look forward to speaking with you again in the nearfuture.

Incidentally, I did have one potential new customer for Ally call, and "yes" I did extend a very positive recommendation! I believe this was for some home electrical work.

Hope it helped.