Solar Financing 

Our solar energy sales consultants work hard to provide you the best solar finance options and they take the time to explain the features of each option- so you can find the best fit foryour solar needs!  

Our Solar Financing Options include: Loan, PPA or Direct Purchase - Read below for the highlights of each option. 



- 0% down or low interest loans are available, you can even include your solar home improvement financing in your home refi loan.

Key Benefits:

• You receive 30% Fed tax credit good until 2016
• Keep city and state solar rebates and incentives
• Take advantage of no interest short-term loans
• Low interest based on 12-15 year loan, no prepayment penalties!
• Warranty: 25 year Manufacturer / 10 year Labor 

We now offer a FHA Title One Step Down loan - a renewable energy lending home improvement secured loan:

• You receive the tax credit
• Pay down your loan balance within the first two years
• Have a one time re-amortization
• There are no prepayment penalties!

PPA Option 

A PPA is a contract to purchase solar power at a pre-established rate per kilowatt. Your monthly payment will be more variable than that of a lease, based specifically on the amount of solar energy your home uses. It’s a lot like paying your utility bill, only at a lower cost! 

Key Benefits:

• A fixed rate for the term of your agreement
• Maintenance, warranty and insurance provided.
• PPAs are transferrable to the new owner 

Direct Purchase

By paying cash, you own your own energy!

Key Benefits:

• You see substantial, immediate savings
• You keep Fed tax credit and incentives
• Reduce your PG&E bill
• 25 year manufacturer warranty, 10 year labor warranty